Don’t waste time! Facts until you find your snow removal service

If you have a driveway, you’ll need to decide which snow removal method is right for you: do the job yourself with a shovel or snow blower, or hire a reliable snow removal company. Some tips are here to assist you choose.

Here are four tips tohire a dependable snow removal company

Ask your neighbours for recommendations

Converse to yourneighbours who previously have used such Brandsbefore. Were they gratified with the work of the company? Did it offer a discount if several neighbours were customers? How did the company communicate with them? Can the Earth development contractor text or email before they arrive to let you move your car?

Do your research and contact three or four companies

As with any other service, request quotes from at least three companies and check their ratings with the Business Bureaus. An authorized business must prove that it has an insurance policy and that its vehicles are in good condition.

Clearly describe your snow removal needs

Learn about snow removal from driveways, steps and porches. Are there additional charges for these services? What are the costs of snow removal during a big storm (especially if the contractor has to come more than once on the same day)?

Get a written agreement

Most snow removal contracts provide for a fixed price for maximum snowfall per season. The amount is based on the average seasonal snowfall in your area. Have it specified in writing the amount you will be billed if the snowfall is greater than the amount indicated in the contract.

Don’t accept an offer over the phone and remember to ask how to end the contract, if necessary. The Consumer Protection Act provides for a 10-day cooling-off period for all contracts for the provision of services or goods that you sign at home and whose value is greater than $ 50.