Choose WordPress Sites for these 7 Common Reasons

Just as retailers spend a long time on the design, layout and position of their premises to entice consumers over the threshold, so our online presence deserves equivalent levels of care.  As the globally accessible virtual space housing our brand, our site showcases our ethos and provides opportunities to reach a worldwide potential customer base.  This customer base can be millions so make sure to get your image right with a Gloucestershire Branding Agency which can be sourced at links such as

As a result, it can be challenging for small and medium-sized enterprises to select the most appropriate platform for this important aspect of their customer offering. However, more designers are noticing an increasing trend for SMEs to select WordPress as their platform of choice.

WordPress is becoming much more than the favourite blogging platform globally. It’s also gaining traction for its adaptability for small businesses. Here’s why.

It’s Safe

With security features safeguarding all content and minimising risks from Trojans, hacking or other threats, WordPress updates automatically, keeping sites secure.

It’s Simple

WordPress provides a really simple dashboard for swift and easy site updates, making it very easy to maintain following the initial launch. Once the site has been designed and developed, even a relative technophobe is able to maintain it, add content and enhance functionality as required.

It’s an Instant Blog

Unlike many web platforms, WordPress immediately has a blog function, meaning that businesses do not need additional hosting or development to launch a blog following the initial site build.

It’s Completely Open-Source

By being an open-source platform, WordPress (and hence its users) benefit from a continually evolving development of plugins, themes, add-ons and functionality. Best of all, these benefits are all completely free for anyone using the platform.

Most Web Designers Support It

As a result of its popularity and effectiveness, most professional web design firms will accommodate WordPress and design effective sites through the platform. This means SME owners benefit from the functionality and ongoing ease of use of the WordPress dashboard while maximising the design of their site with professional developers.

It’s Trustworthy and Reliable

While a huge number of high-profile firms trust WordPress with their online brand, content and security, it’s just as reliable for small businesses.

If your business is seeking the most effective platform for your web site, you could do a lot worse than join the throng of current WordPress supporters.