5 great spring campaign ideas for retailers

Spring is traditionally a slow time for retailers. Most of us are still recovering from Christmas and have little spare cash, so spending tends to be on essentials only. However, it’s not a time for retailers to be idle in their marketing activities. In fact, when done well, it’s a great way to start gathering leads for later in the year and keeping your store in the forefront of customers’ minds when they are ready to spend. What types of campaigns would work well in the spring?

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Everyone loves a freebie. Giving away a really good gift with purchase is something many of us can’t resist. If you have samples of products that have yet to be launched, it can also be a great way to build up interest and hype ahead of the launch.

Get social

Spring is also a great time to build up your social media presence. Use downtime to create fun, interactive posts to get more people following you. Videos are great for posts, too. According to Forbes, there is a range of statistics and evidence to show that video content can increase your traction, reach and revenue.

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Spruce up your store

Take the opportunity to spruce up your store and get prepared for busier times ahead. Perhaps this is the time to look at introducing new technologies, such as digital signage or additional lighting. Maybe you want to rearrange your layout so that you can incorporate new types of display stands or scent marketing equipment. Triggering a reaction in any of the five human senses has become extremely popular as it helps to create an emotional response to your brand, store or particular products, and scent marketing is available at Mood Media.

Clear out your old stock

If your storage space is limited and you have new product inventory arriving for the summer season, you need to clear some space. A spring sale is a great way to do just that while also bringing in some much-needed revenue.

Prize draws

A great way to gather data and leads for later in the year, prize draws are still popular among consumers. Linking the prize directly to the products you sell is also a great way to gather important intelligence that you can leverage at a later date.