Avail The Best Offers To Buy SP2T Switches Online

In electrical engineering, a switch is a common device that is used to route high-frequency signals through the transmission paths. Basically, a switch is an electrical component that works to break the electrical circuit that diverts current from one conductor to the other. RF switches, commonly known as microwave switches are one of the most common types of switches that are used in microwave test systems. These switches help to route signals between the instrument and the Device Under Test (DUT). RF and microwave switches are available in various configurations that provide resilience and efficiency to the operations of switches. This helps in creating complex matrices and automated test systems apposite for various applications. SP2T (Single Pole “double” Throw), also abbreviated as SPDT is a type of mechanical switch that directs one input to one of two outputs. It is always connected to one or the other outputs in order to check the two outside terminals are no way connected to each other. Single Pole Double Throw (SP2T) switches serve a variety of functions in the circuit. It is a simple on-off changeover that regulates the unit depending on the arrangement of how the circuit is wired.

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