Your Essential Guide to the Best Colours You Can Use for Your Exhibition Stand

Businesses joining exhibitions may have several goals in mind, but there is one major objective for most: to get the exposure they need with their target audience. Exhibitions can be an excellent opportunity for your business to make its mark in your industry, but joining one entails a bit of effort. You want, for example, an exhibition stand which can make your business stand out, and you want your market to be attracted to what you offer and take the time to get to know your business and brand more.


But having an attractive exhibition stand has a lot to do with the colours you use as well. Colours have different meanings to different people, although there is often a broad perception of colours such as red, purple, green, and so on. How people relate to your brand will have a lot to do with the colours you choose for your exhibition booth. Here, then, is your essential guide to the best colours you can use for your exhibition stand.

Use red for enhanced interaction

Red, whatever shade of red it may be, can cause an intense reaction in most people. It is an exciting, vibrant, and physical colour which can even increase someone’s motor skills and decrease peoples’ level of inhibition. This is why you can see red in a lot of retail shops and food establishments – it is an open and friendly colour which encourages interaction. If you use red for your exhibition stand’s more ‘interactive’ areas or parts, you can be sure that people will stay longer and spend more time learning about your brand.

Use purple to become more memorable

Purple has a sort of spirituality and mysticism associated with it, but it is also known as a colour that denotes a high intellect. Because of this, purple encourages people to think and contemplate. If you want to fully utilise the colour purple, you can use it for your giveaways and souvenirs. The colour is a naturally attractive colour, and since it encourages contemplation and thought, you can even use it for your leaflets, so your customers are motivated to remember you.

Use blue to attract your audience

The colour blue has a number of different connotations as well, but its calming quality can be quite attractive to your audience, and it is a soothing and tranquil colour which can draw people to your exhibition display stand. Blue has actually been proven to decrease peoples’ heart rates as well as reduce stress, so when people visit your stand, they will already be calm and are ready to absorb the information you want to give. Blue is, of course, available in a variety of shades, but if you want to maximise your exhibition booth’s appeal, you can use several different shades of blue so you can attract as many individuals as possible.

Of course, if you already have your own colours, you should make use of these as well. But it’s well worth noting that a combination of your colours combined with the colours mentioned above can make your exhibition display stand more effective, allowing you to cement your place in your sector and carve out your own niche.