A Good Location of Your Office Can Save You Time And Money

A Good Location of Your Office Can Save You Time And Money A great work life isn’t just about a fat pay check anymore. The search for greater work satisfaction and flexibility in working conditions are driving a new generation of workers to shun the lure of traditional offices and become their own boss. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a freelancer, or a small business owner, being your own boss has many advantages. One such advantage is a better work-life balance. This is where the location of your office plays a critical role, especially if you are residing in one of the metro cities in India. Yes, that’s true. It may not seem obvious, but a good location of your office can lead to a better work life and save you both time and money. Let’s take a look at how the location of your office can help you to save time and money.

How can your office location impact your time? Long commuting distances, an ever-increasing number of vehicles on the roads, and tedious traffic jams have turned peak hour commuting into a nightmare for most urban professionals in India. Rush hour commuting has become synonymous with snarling traffic in most metro cities in the country. Take the case of Delhi for instance. In the last eight years, the average time spent by the people of Delhi on the roads has simply become double even as the traffic speed has dropped down to half during the rush hours. Today you will need almost 3 hours to travel a distance of 40 km by your car in Delhi during the peak hours as opposed to about 1.5 hours back in 2011. Imagine if you are to commute to your office every day and have to spend a large amount of your time on the road, what will be its impact on you and your work life? Obviously, you will be tired and worn out even before you step into your office, let alone start dealing with the work pressure. The stress of commuting will spread into discontentment at work, which can be a dangerous thing. Shared office spaces – a one-stop solution to save your time Now suppose that you opt for a conveniently located office near Huda City Centre metro station in Gurgaon. You can have the best of both worlds. First, your office will be situated in a commercial hub. Second, having an office for rent near metro station will mean that you can avoid the trouble of tedious commuting by car and take up the metro for reaching there. This will save you a lot of time that you can invest in your work. Removed from the stress of commuting, you can be a lot more productive at work. What’s more, you can even return home early. As such, you will be able to spend more time with your family and have a better social life as well. While taking up an office for rent in Gurgaon is just an example, it goes on to indicate that a good location for your office can save you much time for sure. What effect can your office location have on your money? An inconveniently located office not only eats away your time but your money as well. Traffic congestions are becoming an expensive affair by the day, adding to the cost of commuting in a major way. Apart from the cost of losing valuable time and delay in doing business, commuting delays can impact your purse in other ways as well. Consider an example of how traffic congestions can drain off your hard earned money. Petrol prices stand at around Rs.73/- per litre in Delhi as of now. If your car gives you a mileage of 15 km per litre and you need to cover 30 kms. to reach your office, the fuel cost of your vehicle will be about Rs. 146/-. When you are stranded in a traffic jam, your car will consume about 20% extra fuel. So, you will be spending around Rs. 175/- one-way to cover the same distance. Suppose that you have to face such a traffic jam 6 days in a week. The extra cost you need to spend will amount to Rs. 175/- more than normal. This amount is more than the cost of a single day commuting to your office under normal circumstances. Now imagine how much money you stand to lose in a year just because of the traffic congestions, and all these happen just because your office is not conveniently located.

Choose a coworking space and save money However, an office space for rent in Gurgaon or in other prime locations in Delhi does not come cheap. So, how can a good location of your office save you money? Well, a shared office space can turn out to be the perfect answer to your problem. Whether it is about the office for small companies in Gurgaon or for freelancers or start-ups, a coworking space can be a cost-effective solution. A co-working space like Theofficepass.com ticks all the boxes for good location, cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and convenience. While a good location of your office can save you time and money, a co-working space can easily provide you the good location you need. Reach out to the team of TheOfficePass.com at hello@theofficepass.com to get a view of the various coworking spaces that the brand is creating in Gurgaon and how it has been helping numerous StartUps, companies and OPCs in Gurgaon / Delhi NCR.