Are You Making These Major SEO Mistakes?

SEO evolves constantly. Good SEO practices help potential customers to find you. When it comes to Google, there is no room for complacency. Just when you think you’ve cracked it and you’re up there with the best of them, Google comes along with small updates and you drop a few places in the search engines. Google is notorious for making things hard. If you sit back on your laurels, your competitors could very easily overtake you. Ranking is all about continuity, fresh content and constant tweaking.

Google is big on user experience, and white hat SEO is the only acceptable way to achieve ranking success. Here are six things that are detrimental to the user experience.

1. Poor-Quality Content

Search engines want users to find everything they’re looking for, and that includes informative and unique content. If your content is not up to scratch or up to date, contact professional SEO services London and consider hiring a professional content creator who can provide you with high-quality content for your website.

2. Mobile Compatibility

Mobile traffic is so much higher than desktop. The mobile version of your website is considered first for ranking. Utilise the services of professional SEO services London to ensure your mobile site is user-friendly.

3. 404 Errors

Frequently check links on your website. Broken links will direct users to pages displaying the 404 error. This increases your bounce rates, and impatient users will find what they’re looking for elsewhere. Enlist the services of a company such as Elevate UK professional SEO services London, who can make all the relevant checks for you.

4. Multi-Browser Incompatible

For the best user experience, ensure your site is compatible with major website browsers. If you work on a Windows device, you may favour the default – Explorer. Don’t assume the same for your users. Firefox and Google Chrome are just as popular.

5. Not Utilising Google Analytics or Search Console

Google Analytics is a free resource to assist you on your SEO journey. Used in conjunction with Google Search Console, all the tips and tricks you need are at your fingertips. Find out more here.

6. Not Targeting Enough Keywords

Take care not to use one-word keywords in your content – short phrases are more beneficial. Try to avoid overuse of the same keyword, particularly if it’s out of context