How to Design an Appealing and Customized Promotional Tote Bags?

Custom tote shopping bags are effective promotional tools for free giveaways at a trade fair, corporate events, retail store, or wedding. Ecofriendly totes offer your brand great visibility and reveal how your brand cares for the planet. It enhances your conversion rates and sales.

How to design appealing customized promotional tote bags?

Map your business goals

Marketers need to determine their business goal because without a purpose handing free giveaway are useless. If you are choosing a single color or full color bags to hand out at the upcoming corporate event then what is your goal. Is it for brand awareness, increase conversion rates, or boost sales? Identify with your team how a recyclable tote bag will fulfill your purpose. Check on Custom Earth Promos, an online ecofriendly website selling high quality sustainable, and high-quality promo products at economical rates.

Custom printed eco-friendly grocery bags

Tote bags are designed from many recycled and organic materials. The recyclable grocery bags designed from polypropylene is durable and water-resistant. The canvas totes are made from cotton a washable and renewable material. It is biodegradable, so there are no anxieties about it polluting the landfills. Never limit your choices to cheap totes but browse across the premier ones. You can look for premier quality printed tote bags on the internet.

Set a budget

Now, you have a clear idea of a tote bag rate, so set a budget. Determine your limit, while choosing totes at wholesale rates. It is a big expense.

Create the design

You will need to hire a graphic designer if there is no in-house artist to create an exclusive design, which will represent your business. You can opt for patterns or colors that blend with your logo. Think outside the box and allow your imagination to run wild to come up with a unique design for your custom promo tote bags. Make several drafts and narrow your list. Keep those that represent your brand properly and attract the target market. Make sure that you have identified your target market and understood their needs. For example, if your marketing demographics shop groceries on their own then choose a reusable grocery bag with a single large compartment is ideal. After you narrowed the drafts it is time for choosing a final design that aligns best with your target audience needs.

Edit the chosen design

Work with your designing team to edit the chosen design draft according to your goal. If you aim to enhance sales, then the design must have a CTA or call to action. CTA encourages the customers [recipients] to buy your products or services, whenever they need them in the future. Even put your email address or contact details.

Choose color

Choose the tote bag color that is appealing and blends with your brand. You can choose several colors so that recipients get a chance to choose their favorite one.

Choose a style

Tote bags are available in a plethora of sizes, designs, styles, and functions. If your promotion is towards a specific demographic then choose a universal style. Ensure to check the quality because you don’t desire your brand to be represented by a cheap or flimsy product.

You are all set to have your promotional tote bags printed, so make sure to choose a reliable supplier!


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