What Is Bootstrapping and Why Can It Be Bad for Business?

Bootstrapping, in a business context, is used to describe a company formed with very limited finances/capital. An entrepreneur is said to be bootstrapping when they form a new company using only personal finances or the operating revenues of that new company.

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For any new business, communication is vital – and that includes telecommunication, social media and websites. In the early stages, these tools are key to establishing a strong corporate identity, good reputation and brand.

VoIP Solutions

When setting up a new business, VoIP telephone services offer an excellent solution. A new company can be provided with a geographic number range and a wide range of features for a set monthly fee. Voicemail will be included, meaning that your clients can leave messages for you to pick up at your convenience. Calls can be made from mobiles via the VoIP app without the mobile number you are using being displayed to clients. Logging out or activating the ‘Do Not Disturb’ feature will forward all calls to the voicemail service.

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A business VoIP subscription usually costs less than a new business mobile phone contract or a new dedicated landline contract.

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So What Are the Main Disadvantages of Bootstrapping?

Relying on personal finances or initial business income may mean that it can take longer for a business to grow. If it is felt that the start-up is viable despite slower growth, then bootstrapping may well work. However, if the business requires a significant amount of investment, it can be very risky to restrict funding to personal sources. When bootstrapping, it usually takes four years longer to reach Initial Scale.

Without external funding, profits are likely to be a long time coming and not very significant. Unless there is an incredibly dedicated team who will not be demotivated by this, bootstrapping may not be the way forward. There might well be times where there is a struggle to pay overheads such as utilities, never mind employees.

Whilst many business giants had very humble beginnings and bootstrapped their way through their initial phases, the majority accepted investment further down the line.