Why the devil is still in the detail in logistics

Logistical efficiency can be a “make or break” proposition. Ensuring people have what they need at the right time to do a job properly can even mean the difference between life and death. Of course, not every situation is life-critical, but whatever the context, logistical details matter. From operational planning to quality checks and communication, lost minutes can potentially cost thousands. Companies that provide a Slough Man and Van know all too well how time dependent certain items can be for businesses. UKTDL Slough Man and Van company can help with any of your logistic needs.

Operational Planning

Resources must be forward managed through careful planning. Timing is typically the determining factor for success. Delivery routes should be planned, traffic must be monitored, and road conditions need to be taken into account. In addition, detailed contingency plans should be available in case issues arise.

Operational Efficiency

Planning and efficiency in logistics go hand in hand. One cannot happen without the other. The customer may have little idea of the work that goes into an operation behind the scenes, but it is these details that will give a logistics company the edge over its competition. A few factors that can make a big difference include:

– Enthusiastic, well-trained staff who love what they do.
– The right tools and vehicles for the job at hand.
– Versatile warehouse facilities that are appropriately equipped.
– The latest management systems.
– Open and transparent communication.
– Strict quality control, safety, security and management procedures.

Quality Checks

Rigorous procedures for checking will have a huge influence on logistical success. For example, detailed checks as goods arrive into the warehouse will identify any missing or damaged items at the earliest opportunity.


Frequent communication is essential for clients’ peace of mind and is intrinsically linked to levels of customer satisfaction. Keeping customers constantly updated at each stage of the process is an essential aspect of the logistical operation.

Proactive and Responsive Customer Service

The key to success is meeting and exceeding client expectations. This can only happen if, alongside all of the above points, customer care is both responsive and proactive. Happy clients will stay loyal, which is important for the long term success of any business.


People are what make an operation, and having a highly skilled, experienced and knowledgeable team is vital. While this might equate to the biggest cost, investing in people will also provide the greatest asset.