Achieve Success by Mastering This Powerful Network Marketing Tool! The Color of Your Success-Part 2

This is a continuation of our article on Personality Colors. Unless you know, what people really want you are bound for failure. People have dominated qualities that they respond to and by knowing this you can start to build a relationship that works. When you can tell somebody their strengths and their weaknesses very quickly and you are mostly right you will get their attention. This allows you to build an instant bond with them when they realize that you understand what makes them tick.

You do not need to get it all right but if you are right on a few things and a couple of good points that are true, people will be truly amazed at your personal insight. If you are considering someone as an income partner, then knowing their strengths, they can focus in on achieving greater success in both a business and personal life. You will especially want to know their weaknesses so that you can mentor ones to progress beyond them. Yellow Strengths Best listener Dependable Optimistic Easy to get along with Team player Most patient Great at supporting others Natural born nurturer Weaknesses Oversensitive Takes things personally Agrees with other people’s excuses Are taken advantage of by others Not goal oriented Green Strengths Most organized Great planners Dependable Task persistent Great on follow through Accurate Problem solvers Weaknesses Paralysis by analysis-inability to make a decision for fear of being wrong Perfectionists-very hard to please Naturally pessimistic about everything Blue Strengths Excellent promoters Enthusiastic Bubbly Motivating Convincing The life of the party Very creative Weaknesses Un-organized Scattered Poor on follow-up Exaggerate Short attention span Red Strengths Best negotiator Lots of energy Risk taker Confident Natural born leader Action, not talk Independent Weaknesses Big ego Domineering Un-teachable If you are sponsoring someone to your team get this information to him or her. Do this for all colors so they can understand all 4-personality types along with their strengths and weaknesses. By doing this that person will become better at overcoming their own weaknesses and adopting the strengths of the other personalities. Network marketing is a business that stands on what your potential partner considers important in deciding on a company to join. It might surprise you that in Network Marketing the deciding factors are YOU. People will relate to you before they ever consider the money, the product or the company. People must know that they will have support and know that you will help them if need be. Therefore, the number one reason people join people and, trying to work with people we do not like is a bad decision. The most important is WHO you are. By being honest, dependable, smart, friendly, a good coach and most importantly being there when needed. People use this to make a decision about what you are offering them. Your time is much better spent building personal relationships. In order to do this successfully you must listen to people. Listening is magic and is learnable. When you listen to people, the effect on your life is incredible but, most people feel they have to talk people into it and rarely listen. When you listen to people and truly understand where they are coming from you have the ability to aspire them to greatness. The rewards waiting for you are far more than financial. Master this Network Marketing Tool!

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