Recruiting for your Network Marketing Business – Recruiting is the Lifeline of your Business

We have talked about many things in my previous articles. It is my hope that they have been helpful, as they have helped me by writing them. My research has given me clearer understanding of this business. One of our basic skills in network marketing continues to be the art of recruiting. Our learned fundamentals of this business are that people do not join a business-THEY JOIN YOU! Your strategy in this business is that of helping rather than selling your product or opportunity. In a business, our goal is to get, a group of people into our businesses that will consistently do a few activities over time that will bring about success and the formula for financial independence. In this business, there are a few rules taught by leading income earners of network marketing that if applied will bring us success; are you ready to rumble? First Rule When working this business you must emotionally detach yourself from the outcome of your presentation to your prospect. At this point, you are sorting for people whom you can help with your offer. Be patient. The best things happen unexpectedly. Many people are skeptical by nature. Leaving your emotions behind and concentrating on education and understanding, things will get simpler for you. If it is a “no” it only means the person is not ready at this time. Focusing on your wants only, will have your prospects running in the other direction. If you consider yourself an educator helping people to live a better life you can have fun with your prospects and enjoy the experience. Things are going on in the world today that have moved many to have a listening ear. Second Rule As I was going into network marketing, I decided just to be myself. I want to be honest about the business; I want to help people that want my help and my goal is to be the best me that I can be. Do not try to become a different person when it comes to inviting potential prospects to hear about your opportunity. Be yourself. People notice phony or desperate anyway. Third Rule Develop a passion for what you do. Having enthusiasm is contagious and people love to be around positive, enthusiastic life loving people. We do not have enough people around that feel this way anymore. Although there is nothing wrong with excitement, do no go overboard and scare people away with your enthusiasm. Stay focused on the prospect. It is about them, helping them. When speaking to a person on the phone you must make sure that your tone of voice and words will be a positive story. Having enthusiasm will help with your message and your conversation will be heard through your tone of voice. Smiling while on the phone will help people to pick up your positive emotion and will translate into better results. People can hear a smile and will help you to sound friendly, warm and receptive to what they have to say. Fourth Rule Display a strong posture whenever talking about your opportunity. Having no attachment to the outcome will make you have the ability to present yourself with conviction and not be affected by those that may be negative to what you are saying. A true sense of self-power is to feel beneath no one, be immune to criticism and being fearless. If you find you are easily discouraged you lack strong posture. As we start to have success our posture takes on a new look. Be mindful starting out and work on your posture. Summing it up By applying the first rule of not allowing yourself to be affected by the outcome, by being yourself, possessing enthusiasm and passion for what you are doing and finally by having a strong posture you will be on your way to success. All this takes practice on your part, but starting is the point. Be mindful of what you are doing and become the professional you are meant to be. Please download my free eBook by Michael Dlouhy who has spent most of his working life in Network Marketing. It opened my eyes to things I had not thought of before. Click:]