Available Oncology Nurse Jobs throughout Australia

Nursing certification is a formal recognition of specialized skills, experience and knowledge in the field of nursing. Certification also demonstrates the necessary standards identified by a nursing specialty to promote health outcomes. Certification is also public assurance that a nurse has completed all eligibility criteria meeting the minimum competency standards. There are five certifications available for oncology which includes basic level certification for adult oncology nursing, pediatric hematology oncology certification, certified advanced oncology nurse practitioner, certified advanced oncology clinical nurse specialist and breast care certification nursing. At the time of examination and application all eligibility criteria must be met. Oncology nursing involves caring for patients with hematological malignancies and solid tumors. An oncology nurse required being competent in areas such as intravenous cannulation, pain and chemotherapy management, vascular access devices and venipunctures. Nurses are required to have the ability to educate patients and their families successfully on the complexities related to the treatment procedures and cancer process. There is a huge shortage of experienced oncology nurses in Australia and there are many oncology nurse jobs Australia available. For those seeking jobs in the department of oncology contact Plexus Recruitment to find out about oncology jobs advertised in Australia and New Zealand. In order to qualify one requires nursing experience in research, education, consultation, clinical practice or nursing administration. You are required to have a current active unrestricted RN license when applying for a position with a minimum of one years experience as an RN.

You are required to have a minimum of a thousand hours of practical adult oncology nursing, as well as completed an elective in oncology nursing or a minimum of ten contact hours of continuing nursing education. For those applying online, you will be required to supply valid information with regards to completing your CE or academic elective. Applicants may also be required to provide documentation of completion with your application electronically. Applicable documents will include your CE certification, academic grade report or letter of attendance. A letter of attendance or CE certificates must include the applicant’s title, full name, and date of program; contain an accreditation statement and the number of contact hours awarded. Applicants must include their academic elective documents that include your full name, date and course title. Application received without your CE documentation will be considered incomplete and documentation must be submitted by the final deadline. Bear in mind that certification enhances credibility and validates specialty skills and knowledge. Certification also insures a higher annual income as opposed to nurses that are not certified. Along with being eligible to work in Australia, you need to be registered with AHPRA. Apply now online if you are looking for a career change in Australia.